Behavioral Health

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Compassionate Care for Mental Wellness

Our behavioral health services are dedicated to supporting your journey to emotional well-being. Explore personalized care and evidence-based therapies with us. Your path to a healthier mind begins here.

Behavioral Health Services

Southern Wellness Services

Assessments –

Our mental health professionals can gather information to determine your individual needs for your treatment. Southern Wellness Professionals can also assist in finding the help you need in certain situations.

Southern Wellness Services

Individual Counseling –

At Sowell, we provide caring support and encouragement through therapy to each individual in a safe and comfortable environment.

Southern Wellness Services

Family Counseling –

Conflicts between family members can be complex. We use family counseling to promote health and wellness in your home.

Southern Wellness Services

Group Counseling –

We provide counseling in a safe and comfortable environment to discuss, interact, and explore real world challenges amongst a group of peers.

Southern Wellness Services

Crisis Intervention –

Provided in cases to help in emergency situations during severe emotional distress.